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Tutorial Weekly Exercise

Week 10: Tutorial Weekly Exercise

Task due for submission: 20/10/2020

Writing tasks to construct placement test to place learners into English language course for Academic purpose course. Consider the large scale of candidates

The test would assess the ability of the main language skills: Listening, Speaking, Reading, and Writing



Construct one listening task (for example: lecture, broadcast, conversation, …)
Design 10 test items using a range of different test techniques (e.g., multiple choice, short answers, gap filling, …..).
Provide a copy of the transcript (single-spaced). No audio recording is required.




Construct one reading task which includes 10 items and covers a range of reading skills and techniques, such as:
Understanding the main idea
Understanding words and expressions in context (e.g., pronoun reference, contextual meaning-not literal meaning)
Identifying the passage writer’s attitudes, viewpoints, or implications (e.g., optimistic, pessimistic, ironic, or appraising)



Write one speaking task (e.g., individual presentation, dialogue) and
marking scale included




Design one writing task (e.g., graph, description-based, topic-based)
marking scale included


For each skill (listening, speaking, reading, and writing) must include:

appropriate general test-taking instructions
specific directions for each of the four test structures or sections



Important Notes:

No existing test papers, specific test content, marking scales or questions should be borrowed from commercially available books or sample material. Adaptation of authentic resources is encouraged. (All items of tasks must be made except texts, but sources must be provided)


some background information needs to be established to help implement the instructions of the task and are:
Hypothetically, we assume (scenario) that an English language learning provider offer ESL learning course and need to create (design) a placement test to place a large scale candidates into these ESL courses (lower medium, medium, upper medium and advance ).
Candidates background knowledge of English language, English is a second language
Candidates from different culture backgrounds
Candidates have different levels of education


Writing the items of the 4 skills must be incline of difficulty. (Placement test is about sorting candidate into variety of learning levels)


For Listening skill, please select a good feature of audio (use transcript as text) that suit the nature of placement test such as:
language (genre) of text can covers all levels of student’s English language backgrounds (e.g., lower, medium, upper medium), no complex language
the text (transcript) 300 – 500 words (3 – 5 min worth)
topic must be selected from everyday life/social topics (not specialised/professional topic)
topic must be rich with information, to help in write 10 items as mentioned in page 1.
use multiple choice, gap filling, short answer, ……, as techniques to write the items


I have opted an Audio (narrated – presentation kind, formal English, normal rate of speed) for listening skill, but not sure if this the right choice. I am concern that may the language in is advance and therefore will affect candidates’ performance. The language of text must be understood by all levels of candidates. Please if may feel this not the right choice then you are permitted to select different Audio and provide the link of source as well for reference.






For reading skill section,


Text topic must be selected from everyday life/social topics (no specialised/professional topic)
The language of text must be understood by all levels of candidates (not specialised/professional topic)
after the creation of 10 items, please put between 2 brackets the purpose of the item such as (understand word, expression in context, ….)
techniques: multiple choices, gap filling, true/false, yes /no, short answer


for Speaking skill,
technique: interview (pictures, Role play, question) or respond to audio or video recoded
Holistic scoring scale will be used as a marking scale (because is measuring the skill as whole and reduce time for the placement test)


The answer for each item created must be provided for example when you create gap filling / multiple choices / true-false then the answers must be provided and written in red colour.


Write complete and clear instruction for each skill section. For example, the time allocated to each skill task, may you ask test taker to use only pencil or any type of information that candidates may need to know to execute the task without confusion.







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