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systems analysis within a system project

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Assessment 1Assessment type: Individual written assessment in a report format. Case study assignment (1,000 words)Purpose: Assessment 1 is a report on systems analysis. The report is designed to assess your practical understanding of systems analysis within a system project. Having analysed the project case study, you are assumed to have a clear insight into the scope of the system analysis within a system development project. Assessment 1 aims to develop your understanding of relevant skills and issues in various aspects of systems analysis. This assessment contributes to learning outcomes a, and b.Value: 20% Due Date: Week 6ICT 103 SYSTEMS ANALYSIS AND DESIGN T219 19/06/2019 16:09 PAGE 8 OF 15 *AUSTRALIAN INSTITUTE OF BUSINESS AND MANAGEMENT PTY LTD © ABN: 72 132 629 979 CRICOS 03171A Approved by KOI Academic Board for T2 2019 ICT103Assessment topic: Modelling system requirementsSubmission requirements details: Report to be submitted on Moodle by Sunday of Week 6, 11:55pm.Task Details: QuickCabs is a new online company that wants to provide the facility to book and pay for taxis online. Anyone can search for available taxis on the website and at the time of booking, system will check whether the user is existing or new. New user will enter his/her personal information for creating an account. In turn he/she will be provided with system generated unique ID and password. This login information could be used for further transactions.You as their system analyst need to analyse and design a booking system that should be able to perform tasks like adding/creating new users, checking for available type of taxis in a particular area, calculating cost of the trip and processing all booking related transactions. Existing user should be able to update his/her personal details and cancel/change bookings. Administrator should be able to add, delete or modify information about taxis and the information about the driver associated with each taxi.Case study requires students to make necessary assumptions, make sure to clearly document all your assumptions in your assignment reports.Your report must contain at least the following sections:1. Introduction: Introduce the important aspects of the case study.2. Methodologies: Briefly describe the System Development Life Cycle (SDLC) and discuss the predictive and adaptive approaches to SDLC, evaluate the usefulness and limitation of each approach as well.3. Chosen Methodology: You are then required to choose one model that you find suitable for the system given in the case study and justify your choice. 4. Requirement Gathering: Using the information from the case study, discuss requirement finding techniques such as interview, questionnaire etc to capture the business requirements and specification for developing the system.5. Requirements: Provide function and non-functional requirements of the system.6. Requirement Modelling: Based on the outcome of your requirement analysis carried out above, provide an activity diagram for any use case to provide a graphical illustration of the new system and make sure that accurate technical language has been applied.



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