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I am adding some of my ideas, The shopping cart is the biggest problem in Canad

I am adding some of my ideas,
The shopping cart is the biggest problem in Canada because a lot of people leave the wrong place and the company needs people to do that, another reason is Canada has a lot of old people and a robot shopping cart is a solution to this problem. In a robot shopping cart, the products are recognized and registered by artificial intelligence and equipped with cameras and a touch screen. Using a touch screen, customers can keep track of how much food they have bought and receive notifications of which products are on sale. With the intelligent cart, shoppers pick up the cart and have the option of scanning their loyalty card. Then they check each item before placing it in the cart. There is a scale for fresh produce and other pay-by-weight items.
Moreover, the robot shopping cart can shop instead of you by clicking the item on the screen, and then you take a coffee and wait a few minutes. If the shopping cart stays somewhere with no one using this, it will automatically come back to the place where was setting. This is a good business opportunity because nowadays, the robot shopping cart shows you an item and voucher or scans the item instead of you. You can teach and train the robot with artificial intelligence if you have a new idea at no cost. Shopping is necessary so that you can expand not only a supermarket but also a commercial center.
Please use Times New Roman 12-point font, 8 ½ x 11-page settings.
Maximum of one single-spaced page. The page limit does not include the reference list, cover page or appendix.
Use APA style for your references.
Your pitch summary should include specific information on the following topics:
Your target customers and their attributes
Their major problems (or needs)
Importance of the problems (or needs)
Your potential solutions
Benefits and advantages of your solutions

The post I am adding some of my ideas,
The shopping cart is the biggest problem in Canad
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