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abdominal pain


Great post and presentation. In a primary care setting, abdominal pain is considered one of the most frequent complaints. As mentioned in the case study, When the patient comes with abdominal pain, occasional nausea and vomiting along with intermittent diarrhea or constipation are challenging for the primary care provider due to the vast differential diagnosis, and it may need extensive diagnostic tests (Sabo et al., 2021). The PCP should consider all the patient’s symptoms and narrow the differential diagnosis by a detailed history and physical examination along with appropriate and cost-effective diagnostic work related to the clinical presentation (Charles et al., 2019). Moreover, your case study presents a systematic approach for patient evaluation and appropriate diagnostic workup.

Also, I agree with the differential diagnoses; the ordered diagnostic workup will help exclude other conditions and confirm the primary diagnosis. Furthermore, the Rome IV criteria is an excellent tool for diagnosing irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and categorizing bowel habits. For an accurate diagnosis, it should be incorporated with other diagnostic tests (Weaver et al., 2017). Based on these criteria, the frequency of symptoms should be at least one day/week or three days per month, and the association of abdominal pain with changes in the stool pattern (Weaver et al., 2017).

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