Professional Touring Bike

Your name: Group 3 (Johnson and Williams)

Provide screenshots to support your answers. Questions 1-14 are worth 3 points each. Question 15 is 8 points for a total of 50 possible points.

Question and page #

Question 1 on page 13
Business partner #:


Customer #:



Question 2 on page 25
How many PRTR1###, Professional Touring Bike (black), bikes are available? 80

Your inquiry number: 10000024


Question 3 on page 31
What is the total discount for this customer order?


My quotation number is:



Question 4 on page 35
What is your sales order number: 15
Note: A Display Standard Order screenshot will show that the Sales Order Number.


Question 5 on page 38
How many black Deluxe Touring bikes are in stock:


How many black Professional Touring bikes are in stock:



Question 6 on page 42
What is the Internal price of the DXTR1### bike and order?

$1400, 5

What is the Internal price of each PRTR1### bike and order?$1500, 2

Question 7 on page 48
What is your outbound deliver number?



Question 8 on page 49
Insert screenshot showing that goods are picked and ready for issue.

Question 9 on page 54

How many DXTR 1### are in stock?


How many PRTR1### are available?



Question 10 on page 56
What is the Net Value of the Invoice?


What is your invoice number?



Question 11 on page 58
What is the document number and total taxes for the order?

Document number:


Total taxes:



Question 12 on page 61
What is the Journal Entry number?


Insert a screenshot showing account balance.


Question 13 on page 63
Insert a screenshot of the process flow.

Question 14 on page 65
Insert screenshot of Learning snack result.

Question 15 on page 65. Use the Global Bike Sales SAP data extract (from Integrative Assgn 2) to develop a 2021 US/Germany division combined monthly and annual sales quantity forecast for:

– Professional Touring Bike (black, red silver) and

– First Aid Kit (accessory)

Insert screenshots of Professional Touring bike and First Aid Kit accessory Excel trend/forecasts and supporting analysis data.

a. Clearly identify the 2021 monthly and annual sales quantity forecasts for each of the products.

b. Comment on the likely accuracy of your estimates for each product based on statistical analysis and other business considerations.

c. Include a short paragraph describing the importance of accurate sales forecasts and how they are used to support product decisions.


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