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Why is motivation or a lack of motivation a concern, what is the failure risk?

Using the information in this course, for your final project choose a topic that identifies a concern in your organization. With the use of resources beyond the text and course power points provide an analysis of your concern and a possible solution.
Topic: Motivation in the Military (Intrinsic/ Extrinsic, Theory X &Y, Etc.)
– Examine the current motivation in your unit. Compare your findings to the larger military if proper sourcing is used.
– In the introduction, introduce you unit, total members, function, that sort of thing. Then introduce your failure concern and research objective. Why is motivation or a lack of motivation a concern, what is the failure risk?
– In the body you want to conduct internal research. You will want to interview or survey other unit members to gauge their level of motivation, or what motivates them. This will be based on your research questions. Try to survey multiple ranks, motivation tends to change as one climbs the ladder.
– Next, research motivation on a larger scale like the military and conduct your scholarly research. Here is where you can compare or contrast your unit to other groups.
– Finally, provide recommendations that would reduce the failure risk based on your research results. Remember to cite you sourcing.
Be sure to follow proper APA and adhere to project guidelines.
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