What were some of the social rules, expectations, or assumptions made based on class?

Think of a specific time in your life when you actively noticed stratification based on social class. Inequality is embedded in our daily lives, but I want you to think of a specific event. For example: a specific conversation that you had that made an impression, or an event where there were certain social expectations based on class. It can be a memory from childhood or something you just did recently.
1. Start by telling me about the event. What made you think of it, and why is it relevant for this assignment?
2. Then tell me about how the event brought social class to your attention. What were some of the social rules, expectations, or assumptions made based on class? Were there penalties for violating those rules/expectations? Rewards for conforming to them? Were other dimensions of stratification present (e.g., race, gender, sexuality)? If so, how did they intersect with class?
3. Next, reflect on how you participated in the event. Did you discuss class – or related dimensions of stratification – openly? Why or why not?
4. Finally, describe how you generally talk about or encounter class in your everyday life. Did the event you’ve discussed in this assignment change this in any way?
Use parenthetical references (lecture, date; or reading, date) to cite material from class and readings. You should cite at least two concepts (in addition to the term “class” itself) from the readings or lecture materials.
Please use 12-point font, double-spaced with 1” margins. The assignment should be 400-700 words (about 2-3 double-spaced pages). Make sure to put your name on the first page and a staple in the top left-hand corner of the assignment. In addition to a hardcopy, please also submit an electronic copy of your assignment on Canvas.
Grade Breakdown:
Followed directions, submitted on time1 pts
Description of event7 pts
Quality of self-reflection7 pts
Connection to class concept(s)10 pts
Total25 pts
Pick 2 of the Attached files to use as sources. Please make sure you connect story to class concepts. You can use all the files if it’s easier to think of a story.






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