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manufacturer of small components in the WORLD

Risa: “I'd like you to get the report for this project finished—it's late, you know. If you finish it today, I'll be sure to note that in your performance bonus file. If you don't, I'll have to take you off of this account, which will reflect badly on you for promotion. “Mitchell: “I know we can be successful! I feel it in my soul…I want you all to feel it with me. BELIEVE in us! BELIEVE in this organization! BELIEVE that we WILL be the number one manufacturer of small components in the WORLD! “Margaret: “I'd like to spend time with all of you, individually. I'd like to know your goals for yourself and for this company, and how I can personally help you reach those goals. Each employee is different, and I'd like to get to know you all on an individual level. Before we meet, I'd like you to be sure to read the last four editions of Fast Company magazine and look for ideas that our company might benefit from. “Edward: “I strongly recommend this weekend retreat to all of you. At the retreat, I was able to reflect on my own standards for interacting with others and for doing business. As you all know, I pride myself on operating this company true to my inner compass, and this retreat helped me ensure that my business goals are in true alignment with my personal values and with what is truly RIGHT. “Betty: “I really want positive change for this organization; for all of you. So, let's get going. Let's mobilize. You all will be the force for change. I am your leader. I have gone to great lengths and have sacrificed a great deal. I must look out for myself, too. So, it's your turn to step up. I want you all to make my leadership tenure in this company one that the world will never forget.”

Drag the character’s name to the approach that best describes his or her leadership style.

Transformational Leadership

Transactional Leadership


Leadership Authentic




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