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Essay 2 is English 102’s Research Essay assignment, and this means that you need

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Essay 2 is English 102’s Research Essay assignment, and this means that you need to complete research and report what you learn from that research. For Essay 2, choose two writers featured in our English 102, research their lives and their work, and explore the following questions:
THE WRITERS I HAVE CHOSEN ARE Bertold Brecht AND Julia Alvarez
How did they grow up? How did they become writers? Where and when did they find their first audiences?
Do you see evidence for biographical influences in each writer’s work? That is, does the work seem to be based on or informed by lived experience? If so, how?
Is the writer trying to entertain or to educate? If you think the writer does both, how does the writer use entertainment to educate? And how does each writer anticipate and work with the communicative needs and expectations of his or her audiences to achieve that purpose? To explore this question, be sure to find out when and how a particular work was first published or performed, and what else was going on at the time.
How is each author’s purpose reflected in his or her work? Explore possibilities like the set-up, the protagonists and antagonists, the tone, or any other feature of that reveals the work’s themes.
The most important questions to focus on are the first and second. To complete this assignment, you must conduct some additional research and make use of at least four new references, material that has not already been assigned as course readings. In addition, you must also integrate some ideas from literary criticism. You can use ideas from one source in Modules 3 and 6 or from “Writing about Literature: An Overview”. Good research essays typically are between 8 and 12 pages long, or between 2500 and 3500 words.
The following criteria will be important for Essay 2’s final grade:
Ideas & Organization:
Does your essay present research questions in your introduction?
Do you present and discuss sufficient biographical information about each writer?
Do you draw ideas from at least four more sources from your own research?
Do you discuss the possible influence of experiences on each author’s works?
Do you discuss the influence of purpose and audience needs and expectations?
Do you discuss enough ideas from literary criticism in lectures or materials in Module 5?
Do you support any analysis or synthesis with appropriate examples?
Do you make clear connections between ideas from your research, ideas from the texts, and your own analysis and interpretive claims?
Have you supported all your analytical or interpretive claims? Is the essay complete?
Writing & Technical Elements:
Do you need to edit for problems in your writing?
Do you integrate any quotations from key texts, your research, or literary criticism with your own ideas?
Did you cite correctly and include your sources in a bibliography?
Do you explain your ideas enough?
Below is the outline for this essay

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