about 4-5 page The professor taught me to find six literatures to write an annot

about 4-5 page
The professor taught me to find six literatures to write an annotated bibliography
Hello, you can change the topic. The professor commented on my:”You will need to be more specific in your
Annotated Bibliography and create a statement of argument that can be supported by your research. Besides, I had finished one News Article Summary with comments and one Peer-Reviewed Article Summary with no comment, you have to include these two articles in the Annotated Bibliography, and please fix my mistake, I admit that my writing is not good. You can change the topic as long as the two articles can be cited.
“Now that you have written two article summaries, you are ready to direct your interests more specifically in terms of economics and widen your research in an area of particular interest. What questions have been raised in your research? Begin to assemble resources for your Annotated Bibliography (the Culminating Assignment) by seeking answers.”
choose six articles that report on or present studies or statistics relevant to your proposed research question
must include six resources (at least three Peer-Reviewed Articles or two Peer-Reviewed and/or a government document/report)
completed newspaper and journal article summaries should be revised as appropriate into bibliographic entries
other sources may include articles from magazines, trade journals, newletters, newspapers, video platforms, and/or blogs of students’ choice)
each citation
must be in APA format, with all required publishing information
-write an introduction (include context, research topic, and working thesis)
-follow APA guidelines (e.g., title page; use of Times New Roman size 12 font, double spaced text, 1″ margins; references list is optional)
must include a brief but specific annotation clarifying how the source applies to your topic and/or other included resources.
write a clear and concise introduction to your annotated bibliography that provides focus, context, and working thesis statement.
The academic article (e.g., peer-reviewed journal article, book chapter) should not exceed 2000 words. You can summarize a section of the peer-reviewed article as it is usually long. If you are summarizing a part of an article, you can clarify this in your topic sentence.
Summarize the academic article in your own words (summary should be approximately one-third the length of the original article)
submit the final copy of the complete Annotated Bibliography to the appropriate dropbox by the assigned due date

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The professor taught me to find six literatures to write an annot
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