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With the rapid and continuous advancement of technology specifically in the field of Artificial Intelligence

Unit Learning Outcomes

L01 Establish project aims, objectives, and timeframes based on the chosen theme.

L02 Conduct small-scale research, information gathering, and data collection to generate knowledge to support the project.

L03 Present the project and communicate appropriate recommendations based on meaningful conclusions drawn from the evidence findings and/or analysis

L04 Reflect on the value gained from conducting the project and its usefulness to support sustainable organizational performance.

Vocational scenario

With the rapid and continuous advancement of technology specifically in the field of Artificial Intelligence, online shopping, product hunting, and price comparison of products is becoming increasingly popular in the many industries.

The average online shopper will check between 4 and 5 different web stores before deciding from which they will buy. Even shoppers in brick and mortar stores may be comparing the price and availability form alternate sources while they check out the latest tablet or a stunning outfit for the office party.

The Marker company is one of the leading company has many physical offices in town deal different products of confectionery like lollipops, candy, biscuits and many more.

With the growth of online shopping Mr. Alpha the CEO of company decided to launch all products online.

Mr Alpha (CEO) of company requires separate marketing strategy and plan for their products. He also demands to scrap company products prices set on different websites and to be compare with original.

To achieve mention criteria CEO assigns all task to ProximaAI is Artificial Intelligence based company, which provide multiple services i.e. data intelligence solution, web scraping, custom audiences for brand to maximize return, Automated targeting solutions enrich and data analysis including the comparison of products prices available on different website.

ProximaAI hires you as Junior Project officer for the successful compilation of project. Services taken by Marker company from ProximaAI is to evaluate the complete products list including prices and make sure all available and accessible online. Getting proper price list of products mention by competitors on company website and different selling stores.

Assignment activity and guidance

Activity 1

Produce a formal presentation (with supporting notes) for the CEO of Marker
Company to explain what exactly the project is according to your given scenario aims and objectives.

Your presentation should include:

A discussion related to advantages and main features of project management.
What are the key stages of project management?
Discuss benefits and constraints of different successful software projects. (i.e. take some literature)
What are main and common role of employee for making project success.
Identify different risk involve during whole project and suggest solution for the reduction of risks.
List down some tools involve during the development of project.

Activity 2

You are required to write a detail report of complete project plan.
Report should have following point:

An explanation of project management plan that covers aspects of cost, scope, time, quality, communication, risk and resources.
Create a design of complete work flow that how scenario system works (create data flow diagram (DFD)) for this task.
Make a Gantt chart which show the time duration of given task, like collection
of data, identify/ analyse data phase, research method applied, qualitative and
quantitative research, finding, recommendation and final submission of
Design a questioner which include both secondary and primary data in term of
qualitative and quantitative for meeting aims and objectives of project.
Evaluate the project management process, project schedule monitoring and
completing along with accuracy and reliability after the implementation of different research methods

Activity 3

You should produce your evidence as a technical report

Your report should include:

Identify different tools and techniques use for the data analysis phase on given scenario.
Justify or compare the performance of selected tools used for research and
data analysis and give valid recommendation to draw conclusion.
Evaluate the selection of appropriate tools and techniques for accuracy and
authenticity to support and justify recommendations.

Activity 4

Write an evaluative report for the CEO of Marker Company and Project Manager of ProximaAI of that provides a reflective overview of the research to meet stated objectives

Your report should include:

Discuss the features of stability and the performance of project.
What company achieve and the future possibilities of the project.
After quality research during the project management process either company meet stated objectives or not.
Critically evaluate how the project supports sustainable organisational


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