The purpose of the project is to demonstrate the ability to teach others about

The purpose of the project is to demonstrate the ability to teach others about a minoritized group of children and how to support this group.
Prompting Questions:
What do teachers, parents and community need to know about this group of children? Part 1
What resources are available to support this minoritized group of children? Part 2 and 3
This assignment will include three parts.
FAQ/Myth busting for target group with clarifying facts with citations
Analysis of 5 children’s books for target group
Identification and description of 5 Community Resources for target group
Focus the assignment on the group in which you noted you needed to learn more about in Week 2 Discussion question. Be sure not to complete the assignment on one of your own social identities. This assignment will be uses as a public product and should be visually appealing and created using a electronic program such as canva or pages or word for professionalism. It may be shared with new teachers to help them understand challenges and resources for children.
*****All parts are required for grading.
Part 1: Written Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)/ Myth Busting 50 points total – 5 points each
Minoritized Target Group- Socio-Economic Status
Identify 5 myths about the target group or barrier challenges this community faces. These myths/challenges need to be based in the information presented in the course or credible research
(Links to an external site.)
conducted on your own.
Additionally, provide facts to clarify the myths or challenges. This fact must include a citations.
This FAQ will be shared with future teachers as a public product (names will not be included).
FAQ or Myth #1: Teachers and parents should lower expectations for poor children due to lack of access to resources ( Module 2)
Teaching Strategy or Fact Clarification: All children need to have high educational expectations. Research findings suggest that efforts that support the development of high educational expectations and aspirations and expectations in children might serve to reduce the intergenerational continuity of low-income status. Cited ” Role of the Educational Aspirations and Expectations in the Discontinuity of Intergeneration Low Income Status. (2012).
Grades on this section will be based on whether the myth or FAQ is a significant key issue as discussed in the learning unit, and/or is found in current key research.
The layout is visually pleasing and free or grammar and spelling errors
Part 2: Video Book Review – 50 points total – 10 points each
First, review the learning unit on windows and mirrors. Find 5 children books that are developmentally appropriate to support or educate children on your target group.. Resources to use to find book but not limited to:
(Links to an external site.)
(Links to an external site.)

Early Childhood Anti-Bias Education Booklists

(Links to an external site.)

Guide for Selecting Anti-Bias Children’s Books

(Links to an external site.)
Use the ADL anti-biased checklist as a guide
(Links to an external site.)
to discuss how the 5 books are appropriate for all young children Pre-K -3rd grade but targets educating and supporting the target group.
For each book, analyze and describe how the book on these criteria.
Story – Summarize the story.
Themes –What Anti Bias Goal does it target–Analyze how the book targets the lens of diversity- what elements are present in the book. why you chose this book. Describe how the book targets at least one anti bias goal(s).
Vocabulary 2 key words
Use either hard copy books ( purchased or checked out of the library) or online youtube read alouds such as the ones shared in the learning module. Record yourself reviewing the book books using using canvas studio or youtube.
******Do not use any books already highlighted in the course- conduct your own research
Part 3: Community Resources Section ( Include this section on the FAQ Document) 50 points total- 10 points each
Locate and summarize five (5) Culturally and Developmentally Appropriate community resources which supports your target group. List the name of the agency, one sentence noting the services this agency offers and contact information. These resources must be within 30 miles of your community. (Riverside County , City Winchester)
Help Sites:211 Riverside
(Links to an external site.)
(Links to an external site.)
What is a 211 Service? A county wide community resource designed to connect children and families to local resources. You may also use Google to find resources online as well.
Alternatives to Domestic Violence
(Links to an external site.)
(951) 320-1370. This website provides alternate ways of dealing with abuse through counseling, shelter, housing assistance, etc. Their mission statement is “Alternatives to Domestic Violence’s mission is to improve the quality of life and create hope by ending the cycle of domestic violence through services and education for residents of Riverside County. ( Do not use in your assignment).
Grades on this section is based on whether the resources addresses the target community
The layout includes all component with No spelling or grammar issues

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