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Step 1. Review your answers from the earlier questions and ask yourself: Should

Step 1. Review your answers from the earlier questions and ask yourself:
Should the U.S. Constitution be more specific on protecting specific aspects of privacy?
Should laws be passed protecting citizens from any overreaching legal, military or police activity into privacy?
Are there circumstances where the best interest of society outweighs the individual’s right to privacy?
Who should be allowed to determine when government agencies can violate individual citizen’s privacy?
Step 2. Complete the following sentence about privacy laws to create your controlling idea.
I believe an individual’s right to privacy __________________________________________ and plan to seek out evidence during my research that supports this controlling idea.
At some point, you will turn this controlling idea into a claim statement for your argument. For now, it will simply lead your research.
As you think and write about your topic, you can restrict, clarify, and refine your argument, crafting your thesis statement to reflect your thinking.
Step 3. Visit South Carolina’s Virtual Library at SCDiscus.org (opens in a new window + username/password found below) and conduct further research on privacy laws and the U.S. government.
SCDiscus requires a username and password specific to SC residents.
You will find this year’s username and password in the course top menu (opens in a new window).
At SCDiscus, click on “SmartSearch.” In the search box, type in the topic you want to research. Some keyword ideas: privacy rights, privacy in United States, online privacy, internet privacy
SmartSearch will give you several pages of titles to explore.
When you find a title that interests you, click on the link and then open the full text.
If you find good supporting evidence in an article, follow the next step.
Step 4. Find and record at least three additional sources on the topic of privacy laws. Take notes as you research and submit your findings in your online course for grading.
Include the citation information (opens in a new window) [article title, publication date, ect] for each source. Many articles at SCDiscus will cite the article for you! Click cite and copy the MLA version.
Tip: Record all of the citation information in your research notes as well—you will use it to create a Works Cited for your final paper.
Identify the central claim each source is making and at least two forms of supporting evidence (opens in a new window) the writer of the source provides.
Copy at least one important quote (opens in a new window) from each article that makes a claim about, gives support or addresses the issue.
Optional: Visit http://www.npr.org/blogs (opens in a new window) to research more audio discussions on the issue of privacy. You may use the audio news clips at this site as research sources using the directions listed above.
Step 5: Write a debatable thesis statement.
For an argument essay, you must have a thesis statement that is debatable. In other words, other people may reasonably disagree with you but this is your position on the subject.
Look back at the questions in step 1. Your answers to these questions may help you write your thesis.
Examples of debatable thesis statement templates:
The U.S. Constitution should be more specific on protecting privacy of ___________ by including __________.
Laws should be passed protecting citizens from ______________.
Because personal privacy can never guaranteed, individuals must __________.
Lack of privacy in a society will cause ________; therefore, laws should _______.
Because the best interest of society outweighs the individual’s right to privacy, __________________.

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