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Robotic Process Automation, Robotic Process Design, Artificial Intelligence, Aut

Robotic Process Automation, Robotic Process Design, Artificial Intelligence, Autonomous Vehicles, etc. are considerations in many, if not all, organizations today, especially with the advancement of technology.
Walmart has begun pilot trials with cashier-less checkout lanes; the theory is not to reduce staff, but to promote a more efficient and safe checkout process for consumers.
The videos below outline some technology that is being piloted or has already been implemented.
Self Driving Truck

Freshippo Robotic Restaurant

Amazon Robot Packaging

Starship Robot Campus Delivery
Walmart A.I.

Please research the topic and write a 5-6 page paper that demonstrates a clear understanding what factors are driving automation or robotic process, What is the operational significance of automation or robotics, etc. You may utilize any learning outcome from the course to support your paper i.e. strategy, logistics, layout, forecasting, global sourcing, Internet of Things (IoT), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), etc.
Your paper must also include 1 Appendix (ensure your Appendix is listed prior to your references page).
Remember that this is a scholarly paper, so you will need to ensure your paper aligns with the APA 7th edition writing style. In addition, you cannot use first person in this (or any) scholarly paper. Also, do not use “dot com” or wiki references.
Please review the final paper rubric prior to submitting this assignment. To receive full credit, it is important that you follow the guidelines provided in the description of the assignment and the rubric.
Below are the expectations for this assignment.
APA 7th edition format
Title page
5-6 page paper (not including the title page or reference page)
At least 1 Appendix
Reference page
A minimum of 5 peer reviewed, scholarly references and 1 reference from the textbook . These references must be clearly cited within the body of your paper.

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