Read the Jaguar Land Rover case carefully. This case walks us through JLR’s jour

Read the Jaguar Land Rover case carefully. This case walks us through JLR’s journey as it changed hands from one owner to the next to the next and its resurgence in the last decade. It then describes the use of analytics in understanding its customers and building stronger relationships. The case closes with a mention of the transition towards electric vehicles and self-driven vehicles.
Create a brief write-up as a Powerpoint presentation deck, no longer than 8 slides, that addresses the following questions. Be brief and clear, do not overcrowd any slide. If possible present any data as graphs and charts ratherthan tables. (Use a visualization tool of your choice.)
What were the key changes that Tata Motors made to JLR’s external and internal strategy after acquiring it from Ford?
What is JLR’s brand positioning? What is a target customer?
What does a typical customer journey look like in the car industry? Will this change as AI and augmented reality applications become more prevalent?
What data should JLR Collect to retain a customer-centric approach? What some of the analytic applications being used by JLR to manage its customer relationships?
How has digitization transformed the automotive industry? What type of customer intelligence techniques and methods should JLR leverage to understand their customers?
How has Covid-19 affected car and SUV sales? (Try to find monthly sales data over Have JLR sales followed the same trend? (Several sites including LMC Automotive, Good Car Bad Car, KNOEMA, Statista. etc., provide data as well as charts summarizing automobile industry data. If you borrow any charts of data from these sources, please make sure to provide attribution to the source.)
Are JLR electric vehicles performing well in the marketplace? What is the benchmark against which Jaguar’s performance be measured?
Note the following in preparing your submission:
Edit carefully. Number each response (do not repeat the question).
Do not exceed 1-2 slides for each question (unless specified otherwise). Your report consists of slides (no narrative report). Each graph has no more than 5 bullets/sentences. Each bullet/sentence is a maximum of 1-1 ½ lines. Use a reasonable font size of 18 or above. Keep slides plain black and white. No color or graphics. No background graphics, logos, pictures, etc.
Do not use any animation.
Use bullet points, tables, diagrams, and charts to enhance the quality of your responses.
Give relevant examples to support your analysis.
Number the slides in the top right corner.

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