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Proper APA Formatting Title Page Citations (in-text and reference list) Scholarl

Proper APA Formatting
Title Page
Citations (in-text and reference list)
Scholarly peer reviewed references
Most (or all) references less than five years old.
Minimal Use of Quotes
Only use quotes where necessary to express an important point or where the exact wording is important. otherise do not use.
While the exact ratio of original text to quote varies, a good rule to follow would be to limit large block quotes to no more than one per page at maximum. Smaller quotes may be used multiple places on the same page, but should not outweigh original text content.
Succinct Scholarly Writing
Well-developed paragraphs
Correct grammar
Clear sentence structure, with smooth flow of words and ideas
Correct punctuation and spelling
This paper should be five pages in length in APA format with more than 10 current, scholarly, and research-based references. The five pages does not include the title page or references.
***Commanche Nation culture Cultural Analysis detail. Include the population’s view of health and illness, and major cultural influences on health. Economic influences should be examined and information about the economic base, economic classes, and view towards money or other cherished possessions included. Significant or noteworthy social or political influences should be covered. The major religion(s) in the culture and the role of faith in society and individuals should be included. Discuss the role of a clinic outreach, humanitarian contact, or missionary nurse practitioner in this population.
***Overview of Culture*** must include all the following areas below***
The paper should be a well thought out exploration of a culture with a focus on health related aspects. Explore and explain areas of the culture that are particularly relevant to those who work or plan to work with the culture in a healthcare delivery capacity, including:
Religion/spiritual practices
Other significant areas as dictated by culture
Food as it impacts health
Human resources for health
Healthcare practice of culture- APRN in Culture
Health disparities
Prevalent health problems and contributing factors
Global health indicators include stats and global health goals
SDG and relevant health information
Current status of healthcare

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Title Page
Citations (in-text and reference list)
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