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Answer all of the questions and relate your answers to our readings or other sources and cite page numbers.

1) Darrell Porter was the manager of a professional minor-league baseball team. During the past season, the team had a won-lost record of 71-60. At the end of the season Porter wondered what he could have done to improve the team.

The season had been difficult because most of the promising young players were moved up to the major leagues. Also, there were a number of personality conflicts among team members that disrupted the team spirit of the players. Porter was an easygoing, quiet man who did not interfere with these disputes. The team owner had recently suggested that Porter should exercise more control over the team. He thought that if the team members would direct their energy more toward the game, then they might win more. Porter felt uncomfortable with this advice and wondered if he should or even could change his leadership style. Use what you know about leadership and leadership styles to offer suggestion for Porter. (25 points)

2) Management has been having a great deal of trouble in the cone-making department in the Metalware plant. Cone-making used to be done by hand and required a great deal of skill, but is now done on machines. The process involves physical effort to feed the machines and a lot of heat and fumes to be endured. The department is isolated from the rest of the plant and is in an old building.

The cone-makers have always been a tight-knit group and management has left them alone. When petty grievances have come up the men have gone on work slow-downs or used wildcat strikes to solve problems. Their foreman, Mike Malone, has seen his job as one of protecting the workers from management pressure. In recent years, productivity has been down and costs have gone up compared to other departments. Malone is now ready to retire and management is looking for his replacement. The possibilities:
a.John Callahan, 50 years old, has been in the department for 33 years. He knows the work and is well liked by the other employees. He has been the union steward for many years.
b.Gus Novak, 32 years old, a college graduate, has done an outstanding job as foreman in the assembly department. That department was low-skilled, had high turnover, and included many female employees.

Which man do you choose? What leadership and decision-making factors should you use to make your choice? (30 points)

3) In communicating we use oral, written, and non-verbal (body language) methods. Describe four examples of non-verbal communication that you might use and how someone from another culture might misinterpret that communication. (20 points)

4) . The Sexton Company is a large, successful manufacturer of auto parts. The company has had a policy of actively supporting its employees in their self-development efforts. They either paid tuition or gave employees time off to attend seminars. Ms. Schmidt was the office manager, and was known as a ‘real autocrat’ by her subordinates. She went off to attend a two-week seminar on “Improving Leadership Effectiveness.” When she returned she announced that she had learned new methods from the seminar and would make changes. One change she said would be to stop being so strict. Instead she would begin to allow employees to be more flexible in how they performed their duties.
(What will be the effects of the new Ms. Schmidt? If she does not change after the announcement, what will be the effects? Do you think she changed her leadership style? Why or why not?) (25 points)


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