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Please see the below and attached instructions with rubric, supporting documents

Please see the below and attached instructions with rubric,
supporting documents needed to complete the assignment. Please follow the
instructions and rubric very closely. Also please utilize the below supporting documents
attached per the instructions as they are needed to complete the assignment:
1. Case for Change Guide
2. Employee Engagement Surveys
3. Exit Interviews
4. Forms of Resistance Grid
5. Leaders’ Self-Evaluations
6. U.S. Branch Overview
7. Vision, Mission, and Strategic Goals
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In this project, you will demonstrate mastery of the
following competencies:
a workforce
an operating plan
organizational change
You are an HR consultant, contracted by the VP of an LLC in Wilmington,
Delaware, to solve their internal challenges. This U.S. office is a branch of a
larger Singaporean software solutions organization that has a total of 140
employees and generates $20M in revenue per year. The CEO of this organization,
headquartered in Singapore, wants to explore new markets in the United States,
gain access to new customers, diversify risk, leverage resources, and increase
Unfortunately, the newly formed U.S. branch has been facing
several problems from the beginning.
at the call center and the sales and marketing division are disengaged and
emotionally fatigued due to contradictory communication between the
branch’s leadership and the leadership at the Singaporean headquarters.
branch team members feel frustrated and undervalued as a result of
conflicting feedback from their VP and management team.
from leadership lack consistency, especially regarding policies and
practices related to human resources.
is no training for team members.
problems between the Singaporean headquarters and U.S. branch are
resulting in low employee morale.
Overall, the standard operating procedures (SOP) followed
successfully at the headquarters in Singapore could not be replicated at the
U.S. branch. As a result, the CEO’s vision of successfully furthering expansion
into the U.S. market remains unfulfilled.
Your goal as an HR consultant is to create a change
management toolkit that includes the following:
needs assessment or change readiness audit
organizational change management plan
change management communication plan
letter recommending strategies to ensure that the changes and their
benefits are retained
To create the toolkit, you will compile your work from
Milestones One and Two. So far, you have completed your change readiness audit
and created a change management plan. Now, you will share a presentation to
demonstrate your change management communication plan. This plan should include
your recommendations for workforce development techniques and how you plan to
communicate these to employees and leadership of the U.S. branch, as well as
leadership at the Singaporean headquarters.
It is not enough to implement change successfully; efforts
should also be made to sustain the change. You must also write an executive
letter to the VP of the U.S. branch, recommending strategies and best practices
to ensure that the changes are implemented and maintained.
Change Management Toolkit
Part Three: Change Management Communication Plan and
Continuity Strategies
Management Communication Plan Presentation
Submit a creative and polished PowerPoint presentation with
narration to share your change management communication plan. The communication
plan should include your recommendations for workforce development techniques
and how you plan to communicate these to the U.S. branch employees.
Specifically, you must address the following rubric
the audience by performing a target audience analysis. (slides
core and audience-specific communication objectives and
messages, including appropriate tone. You may include the following
information (slides 3–4):
goals of the communications campaign. You may consider the following
is this communication campaign needed?
are the essential topics to communicate to company leadership?
do front-line employees need to know as they experience and deal with
the impact of change?
will you convey need and urgency for change? Discuss What’s in It for
a story or a graphic to connect with the change vision for success to
the communication plan.
and communicate new performance expectations and what stakeholders need
to do to prepare for change.
two workforce development techniques to support employees’
adaptation to change and build on existing skills and strengths. Consider
the following (slides 5–6):
do you want the employees of the U.S. branch to do differently?
should the organization’s leadership support employees during the
change, through training and development programs to address the gaps?
and review the best delivery channels for each communication
based on the target audience analysis. Select a minimum of three channels
as part of a multi-prong communication strategy. You may include the
following information (slides 7–8):
would be the communication timeline for delivery of all messages? Create
an outline.
often will the branch’s change initiators communicate with this
communication responsibilities and assignments. Who is responsible for
leading communications with this audience?
your plan for a feedback loop to monitor and manage the
communication campaign. (slides 9–10)
metrics or key performance indicators (KPIs) to track the success of the
communication campaign.
how the metrics will be implemented and tracked through a feedback loop.
What to Submit
To complete this project, you must submit the following:
Part Three: Change Management Communication Plan and
Change Continuity Recommendations
Change Management Communication Plan (Presentation)
Submit a PowerPoint presentation with 10–12 slides. Sources
should be cited according to APA style.
Note: Remember to use both on-screen text and
narration or speaker notes in your PowerPoint slides to convey your information
effectively. For example, you can use brief, bulleted lists on the slide and
include detailed explanations in your narration or speaker notes. A resource
explaining how to add narration to your presentation can be found under
“Supporting Materials” below.
Supporting Materials
The following resources support your work on the milestone
submissions and the project:
Case for Change Guide:
This document will provide you with instructions on what to include in the
change readiness report.
Employee Engagement
Surveys: This document presents the results of the most
recent employee engagement survey.
Exit Interviews:
This document presents the views of employees who voluntarily left the
Forms of Resistance Grid:
The infographic presents the forms of resistance that learners can use as
a reference to identify forms of resistance in the change readiness
Self-Evaluations: This document includes self-evaluations
drafted by managers, which is part of the performance management process.
U.S. Branch Overview:
This document provides data regarding the U.S. branch’s financial position
and structure.
Vision, Mission, and
Strategic Goals: This will include the CEO’s compelling
vision as translated by the VP.
Website: Hofstede’s Cultural Dimension
Model (https://www.hofstede-insights.com/country-comparison/singapore,the-usa/)
allows the single reproduction of limited parts for use in a thesis or
academical articles

The post Please see the below and attached instructions with rubric,
supporting documents
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