Part 1: First, read the following short (5-7 minute) article: https://www.mayocl

Part 1: First, read the following short (5-7 minute) article: and summarize the article in 2-3 sentences. What important points stuck with you?
Part 2: Medical and scientific terms are misused all of the time in popular media. Misuse could, for example, mean that a term is used incorrectly, the wrong word is used completely, slang is used that stigmatizes an illness, or the interpretation of medical information is biased. Now, find an example of a medical or scientific term (related to your future career path, if possible) that was misused on TV, in a movie, in an advertisement, in the news, or on a public figure’s social media. Find a clip of the scene (e.g., post a youtube video and direct us to the exact time) or a link to the article with a direct quote of what was said — include the clip / link in your post.
Next, please describe how the term was misused and provide an example of how you might correctly use the term (or choose a different, more approptiate term) in the situation, article, TV scene, etc.
Part 3: Finally, discuss: what are the risks associated with misuse of medical terminology in popular media? Make sure to relate your discussion to the specific example you found. Additionally, how do the risks you describe here relate to the mayo clinic article you read above? Part 3 should be between 200-300 words.
This discussion is not meant to make you watch hours and hours of TV – it is meant to be fun and reflective of some of the misinformation we see nowadays, given that we have SO much access to information. Here are some ideas to get you started if you need them (this is not an exhaustive list of what you could talk about):
Mental health terminology is often used incorrectly to describe people in general (e.g., psychotic, OCD, bipolar, etc.) which can in some situations increase stigma around mental illness.
If you think about health “fads” you might notice some misused medical terms. Toxins/detoxification/cleanse diet is one that comes to mind right away.
In discussion substance use, it is easy to misuse medical terminology. Addicted, dependent, tolerance, withdrawal are easily confused, and also a lot of terminology is outdated, not evidence-based, and increases stigma (e.g. substance use is generally better than substance abuse). This website does a really good job describing more.
Sometimes the acceptable terminology changes over time. While this might not be a technical “misuse” of a term, it is important to understand why terminology changes (many times it is to reduce stigma around a disease). Completed suicide or died by suicide is now recommended over committed and “person first language” is recommended to talk about many diseases, so that the disease doesn’t define the person.
And finally, many medical TV shows get medical information wrong all of the time!
/50: Article discussion – pointed out multiple important points about the intersection between mass media and medicine
/100: Included an example of misuse of a medical term or use of inappropriate slang — or, if justified, misuse of a medical procedure. Thoroughly discussed risks associated misuse of medical/scientific terminology.
/50: Quality of posts, citations when needed

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