Paper Topic: Students will discuss a socially significant issue or social issue

Paper Topic:
Students will discuss a socially significant issue or social issue through multiple perspectives:
Their personal understanding of the social issue or current event.
The opposing view of the issue or current event.
Finally, students will discuss what they have come to understand about the issue and how that new understanding may have changed their perspective
Paper Format
Students should follow all of the principles of writing as taught during their Freshman English courses.
Standard essay format: Introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion.
Introduction should include an appropriate attention getter (for this assignment I recommend using a narrative as the attention getter), the thesis of the paper, and a preview of the rest of the essay.
Body paragraphs should include a topic sentence, or claim that directly supports the thesis, evidence to support your claims, additional claims and evidence as required, and finally a summary statement that transitions to the next body paragraph.
Conclusion should include a review of what was covered during the essay, a restatement of your thesis, and return to your attention getter (conclude the narrative began at the beginning of your speech).
Follow all the rules of grammar including capitalization of all proper nouns and proper names.
Work should be free from excessive spelling errors. (Reading your paper out loud will significantly improve the readability of your paper as sometimes we think something is correct until we hear it spoken).
Length and sources.
Length: The paper should be between 1700 and 2000 words, this word count does not include the “References” page.
Sources: The paper should have at a minimum, 10 sources representing a variety of perspectives.
The personal and opposing views should have no less than 4 sources each.
The new understanding should contain between 3-4 sources.
The rest of the paper should contain a source for any piece of information that is not common knowledge. (In other words, if you needed to look something up, it isn’t common knowledge and therefore you must include this as one of your sources.
The textbook may be cited repeatedly but may not count as one of your required sources.
All papers must follow APA guidelines regarding formatting and citations.
APA Formatting:
Running header on every page; a shortened version of the paper’s title, student’s last name, and page number.
Header included on the first page and should include: the student’s name, date, course, semester, assignment, and instructor’s name. (A title page is not required but the header is required).
Double spacing throughout the paper, including “References” page.
12 point font.
Citations must follow APA guidelines for intext citations and “References” page. Every source should include at least one intext citation and one entry on the “References” page. If a source is used multiple times, an intext citation should be included with each use, but only one entry on the “References” page.
Do not include a title page or abstract for this paper.
The “References” page should follow all APA guidelines.
For help with APA guidelines and formatting, please refer to the The Purdue OWL (Links to an external site.). This is the best free resource for APA other than the actual APA Style Guide which is not free.

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Students will discuss a socially significant issue or social issue
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