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no sources necessary Your thoughts, regarding the following; include personal ex

no sources necessary
Your thoughts, regarding the following; include personal examples, as well as other material you’ve encountered or social observations/current events you feel are useful to illustrate these ideas. Please write effective, descriptive and thoughtful responses to these claims. You may also refer to other sections of the material in the article/excerpt/selection.
1. Aristotle, “The aims of man”
…although good fortune is a necessary adjunct to human life, it is virtuous activities that constitute happiness…. (para 27)…
for we hold that the truly good and wise man (person) will bear with dignity whatever fortune sends, and will always make the best of his circumstances… (para. 30)
2. Hsun Tzu, “Man’s nature is evil”
..since man’s nature is evil, he must wait for the ordering power of the sage kings and the transforming power of ritual principles; only then can he achieve order and conform to goodness.
(para 12)
3. Thoreau, “Civil Disobedience”
Under a government which imprisons any unjustly, the true place for such a just man is also a prison.. .(para 22.) (Here the word “just” serves as an adjective —a person who treats others with justice or fairness)
4. Douglass, “Narrative”
The very decided manner with which he spoke, and strove to impress his wife with the evil consequences of giving me instruction, served to convince me that he was deeply sensible of the truths he was uttering. It gave me the best assurance that I might rely with the utmost confidence on the results which, he said, would flow from teaching me to read. What he most dreaded, that I most desired. What he most loved, that I most hated. That which to him was a great evil, to be carefully shunned, was to me a great good, to be diligently sought; and the argument which he so warmly urged, against my learning to read, only served to inspire me with a desire and determination to learn. In learning to read, I owe almost as much to the bitter opposition of my master, as to the kindly aid of my mistress. I acknowledge the benefit of both. (para 3)
5. Murdoch, “Morality and Religion”
Religion provides a well-known well-tried procedure of rescue. Particularly in relation to guilt and remorse or the obsessions which can be bred from these, the mystery of religion (respected, intuited) is a sourse of spiritual energy. An orientation toward the good involves a reorientation of desire. (mid para. 6)

The post no sources necessary
Your thoughts, regarding the following; include personal ex
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