HFT 1002 are currently in play throughout the day-to-day

Hospitality Project


The Hospitality Project is designed to familiarize students with how the topics presented in HFT 1002 are currently in play throughout the day-to-day operations of hospitality businesses. Additionally, this project allows the student to identify and research a hospitality or tourism-based business in which they may have some interest. The interview process may be via remote teleconference or in person. The instructor must approve all site selections prior to conducting the formal interview. Students will work individually to complete the assignment.


A brief overview of the hospitality or tourism business.
Background on the business chosen for the interview.
Why the business was selected.
Overview of the paper.

Hospitality business backgrounds

Meet with a local hospitality business provider management team member. Confirm with the course calendar for submission deadline information. Additionally, do not include any proprietary and/or confidential company information.

Remember that you are representing CFK  and the HFT Department; please utilize business attire when conducting the interview.

Identify the person interviewed and their role within the organization.
Can you provide some background information for the company?
What is the organizational size and scope?
What products or services are being sold (brief description), and what is the business best known for?

Service and Hospitality

How does the organization define service and hospitality?
How does the company “wow” guests?
What are the quality controls for dissatisfied guests, and how are they used?
Are employees empowered?
What makes your service and hospitality unique?


What is the ownership structure? (private owner, corporation, management company, franchise, REIT)?
What is the management structure?
What is your management philosophy?
What type of leadership philosophy is used?


What are the 4 Ps of Marketing to the organization?
Are their prices static or elastic?
Do they utilize consumer-based or competitive pricing?
What green initiatives or sustainability programs has the organization adopted?

Human Resources 

What attributes and skills is the business looking for?
Ask about their recruitment and interview processes.
How do they keep and grow employees?
How has the company stayed within local and state compliance throughout the last two years?

*Note – This is not an exhaustive list; rather, it is meant to identify common hospitality-related questions. Students may utilize the course textbook to identify additional questions. If you are unsure or have a concern about asking a particular question, contact the instructor before conducting the interview.


State your overall experience of the interview and impressions of the interviewee and organization.
Identify how this process has increased your knowledge of the specific hospitality or tourism sector.
Identify how this experience will influence your future managerial skills.

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