For your final essay, come up with a topic in global justice to write a research

For your final essay, come up with a topic in global justice to write a research essay on. Your essay should make an argument about a particular topic in global justice by using one of our course texts. For example, you may write an essay arguing that Monkey Pox should receive a significant amount of attention from the global health community, and that current efforts are falling far short of any kind of justice by citing from Kant’s essay on peace.
To offer another example, you could write your essay on how we need to reconceive of what counts as global by drawing on Glissant’s writings to argue that we should not only consider national borders, but oceans, bodies, and atmospheres as intersecting aspects of our world. I encourage you to choose something that matters to you and find a course text that made sense to you in order to come up with your topic.
You must cite at least one course text. A course text is any reading that was assigned in our class. You must also cite outside research; there is no minimum requirement for outside research, but I recommend 4-5 sources minimum (though more are welcome).
Tips and notes
This essay is meant to be very open-ended so that you have room to write about something that you might care about, so feel free to be imaginative.
I highly recommend that you email me to double-check that the topic you’re writing on is a good choice for the essay, but you are not required to. I can also respond with tips and suggestions for sources.
Possible topics you are free to choose from:
Climate change, the capitalist mode of production, access to abortions, health care, indigenous and national land claims, global government, racial/gender/economic justice, global war, animal ethics, food access, and water access.
Requirements and FAQs:
Aim for 6-8 pages. Less or more might be appropriate, but this is my expectation for the space required for a complete essay on this topic. There is always more to cover, so always choose to be specific and particular over general and introductory.
I prefer double-spaced 12pt font, but this is not an English class and you are welcome to pick whatever format you like as long as I can read it.
This essay requires that you cite sources, so you will need a works cited page. You can choose whatever format you would like for your works cited page.
I prefer essays written in first-person (and using the word “I”), but you’re welcome to write in 2nd or 3rd person if you prefer.
It’s a good rule of thumb to go for 1-2 citations per page, as the point of this essay is to show you can interpret the readings in order to elucidate your reading.

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