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Ethical Review Process

Ethical Review Process


Students enrolled in LNDN11133 Business Research Project are required to undertake primary research and must complete the ethics review process.


The following guidance will assist students in completing the Ethics process. For any questions students are advised to contact their supervisor.


Step 1 – Students complete the LNDN11133 Business Research Project Student Ethics Approval Form and submit it to their supervisor. The Ethics application should also contain the relevant additional documents including:

Participant Information Form
Consent Form
Copy of the interview/survey questions (if using). Students should clearly identify how the data is stored, preferably using the UWS One drive. For students undertaking surveys and questionnaires students are expected to use Microsoft forms to gather the data this then ensures the security of the data which should be stored on the UWS one drive.

Step 2 The supervisor will undertake ethical scrutiny for all projects involving participants, personal data or risk to the researcher.


Step 3: The Supervisor will decide to either grant, amend or reject the Ethics approval.

If the supervisor perceives that the study poses a risk then the student will be advised to submit their application to the BCI Ethics Committee via the ERM for approval.
If the supervisor is able to grant approval, they will send the student a BUSN11133 Ethics Approval letter. If the amendments are required, the supervisor will notify the student of the amendments. Once the amendments are completed, they should be submitted again to the supervisor who will then reassess the application.
If satisfactory the supervisor will grant approval, they will send the BUSN11133 Ethics Approval letter.
The BUSN11133 Ethics Approval letter must be uploaded with your dissertation for submission on Aula by the assessment deadline.


Further guidance on module approval is provided on the BCI ethics website: https://sites.google.com/uws.ac.uk/bciethicsguidance/home


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