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Cultural Geography
Week Seven Worksheet
Refer to the reading materials provided during the week and conduct any other appropriate research. Write a 50 to 75- word response to each question below. Remember to cite your references and include a reference page in APA format.
1. How do power and patriarchy operate in societies to produce inequalities between men and women? Compare the United States with one other country.
2. Explain the reasons for the rapid rise in the proportion of women in the labor force in the past half-century?
3. How would you describe the successes and limitations experienced by gay men and lesbians seeking to achieve equality?
4. Describe a democratic system of government and compare it with an authoritarian form of government in terms of how policies are made? 5. What are the major areas of concern surrounding the separation of religion and state? 6. Compare and contrast the African American struggle for civil rights with that of the LGBT community. Is there anything similar or different about the respective movements?

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