Assessment Task

3033 Assessment Task 2 Instructions

The assessment has 4 steps to discuss and critically analyse the effectiveness of consumer directed self-management plan for one of the case studies in Moodle. STUDENTS ARE TO CHOOSE ONE OF THE FOLLOWING CASE STUDIES and ADDRESS THE ASSESSMENT TASK TO THE CASE STUDY which can be found in Moodle:

Case study 1- Jamie 14 year-old female with Cystic Fibrosis

Case study 2- Simon 65 year-old male with Crohn’s Disease

Students are to download, save and complete the Self-Management Plan Template provided in Moodle by undertaking the following:

Download and save the document to your computer and format in landscape view. Set your computer in times roman size 12 font and use double spacing between lines. Save the document using your course code, assessment task two, student number and name (eg. save as: NURBN 3033 Assessment task two 30303033 SallySMITH). Remember to back up your files by saving to external USBs or by emailing yourself a copy of your assessment task.

Step 1 Introduction and SMART Goals – Provide a brief introduction (400 words inclusive of intext citations) of the client and identify their main chronic health issues which need priority attention and care in a self-management plan and why (provide references to justify). Write 3 SMART goals for the client in managing chronic illness conditions and the associated care/treatments/medication.

Step 2 Discuss and Critical Analyse Consumer Directed Care/Self-Management– Write 800 words (inclusive of intext citations) to discuss and critically analyse how consumer directed care /self-management planning for this client is important for maintaining their independence out in the community. Specifically outline how effective care planning can assist the client to maintain their health and independence with their activities of daily living. Peer reviewed current literature references should be included to support discussion and analysis.

Step 3 Design a Self-Management Care Plan- Write an 800 words (inclusive of intext citations) Self-Management Plan formatted in the template. In this plan, write down the SMART Goals at the top of the template and then write/design at least 6 priority self-management interventions required for the client to undertake with respect to the priority care needs for each goal. Provide clear healthcare instruction for the client as to what they should do to manage the health issues identified in the SMART Goals. Provide rationales/justification for each with support literature references from peer reviewed current database or textbook sources. Referencing in text should follow the APA 7th edition guidelines and format.

Step 4 Provide a reference list, listing all references cited in the assignment using APA 7th edition referencing style. There should be a minimum of 15 current peer reviewed journal articles or textbook references (no more than 7 years old).

The assessment task needs to submit as a word document to the Assessment task 2 submission link in Moodle and ran through Turnitin and ensure your assessment task has been sufficiently paraphrased and referenced in line with APA 7th edition standards to avoid plagiarism.


If students have any IT issues with submitting assessment tasks they should in the first instance take a screen shot of their computer and contact ITS Helpdesk on and log a job. It is a students responsibility to save their assessment tasks and to back up their files. Students will not be granted extensions unless drafts of assessment tasks can be provided and documentary evidence is provided, where major IT issues have occurred.