Assessment Overview

10/15/22, 8:39 AM Assessment Information
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Case Study
Assessment 1
Assessment Overview

Length or Duration

Critically examine a recent newspaper
article relating to a topic undertaken in this
unit. For example, you could select an
article on sustainability reporting,
corporate social responsibility, integrated
reporting, accounting for mining
operations, governance or measurement
and disclosure.

1000 words
Session 4, 11:59pm

Key Assessment Information
The purpose of this assessment task is to:
Examine a ‘real-life’ accounting problem and critically evaluate how theory or regulation can help support a
This assessment aligns with the following learning outcomes:
LO 1: Critically review and interpret the role of theory in the development of accounting
LO 2: Critically evaluate the role of accounting and accountability for the sustainable development
of organisations
LO 3: Critically review the accounting measurement and recognition principles as they apply in various
business and industry contexts
Refer to the webpage ‘How to Critique an Article‘ to assist you in preparing this assessment.
1. Form groups of 2 or 3 to work on the assessment. Remember to enrol in your group online (refer
to the instructions below).
2. Once you have formed groups in class, so the next thing to do is to enrol online via VU

10/15/22, 8:39 AM Assessment Information
file:///C:/Users/user/AppData/Local/Temp/Temp1_(BAO5535) Issues in Contemporary Accounting – SY – 10152022 – 1138… 2/3

Please follow the simple instructions to self-enrol online opens in new window opens in new
3. Source and read a recent (2016-2022) newspaper article from a reputable source such as
the Australian Financial Review, The Age that relates to a specific ASX listed company (eg.
BHP Ltd), an industry (eg. the mining industry), an accounting standard (eg. AASB
6 Exploration for and Evaluation of Mineral Resources), a relevant piece of regulation such as
ASX (Australian Stock Exchange Continuous Disclosure requirements Chapter 3), or a relevant
regulation from the
Corporations Act (2001).
4. Post the name of your selected ASX listed company or regulation on the
Discussion Board.
Include your group member names as this will ensure that each student group selects a different
company/regulation to explore.
5. Download the most recent copy of the Annual Report of the company you have selected.
6. Identify a topic from Sessions 1 to 12 and analyse and report on how the company has complied
with the accounting standard and disclosure relating to that accounting topic. We recommend
you cut-and-paste any  financial statement(s), accounting policy and/or notes  from the annual
report that are relevant to the topic chosen and include these in your report.
7. Discuss the following questions:
1. How does accounting theory (which specific theory/ies) relate to the article you have
2. What are the implications for the issues raised in the article(s) for accounting,
business, regulators and other stakeholders?
3. How is the accounting issue reflected in the financial statements, notes or other sections of
the annual report? Is this information useful to users? Explain.
4. What evidence was provided by the author to support the key theme(s)? How was
(were) the article(s) contextualized in the unit BAO5535 Issues in Contemporary
5. Undertake some reflective writing examining the challenges of this assessment task, how
were these overcome, what was critical to the success of this assessment task?
6. How has this activity been different to other assessments in other units? Has this exercise
improved your learning? If yes, how; If not, why?
Assessment Criteria
You will be assessed on your ability to:
Identify a relevant contemporary accounting issue and how it is linked to content examined in this
Critically analyse the implications of the accounting issue for business, regulators and other
Analyse different sections of the annual report and determine their usefulness to users.
Reflect on the learnings in this assessment task and evaluate the challenges and how these were
Write critically using appropriate grammar, terminology, spelling, references and overall structure.
Access Assessment 1 rubric: Case Study for the full marking criteria.
Submission Instructions
Please submit your completed assessment electronically via the Assessment 1 Dropbox: Case
Ensure you complete the assessment declaration and a cover sheet including your personal
details and word count excluding references.

10/15/22, 8:39 AM Assessment Information
file:///C:/Users/user/AppData/Local/Temp/Temp1_(BAO5535) Issues in Contemporary Accounting – SY – 10152022 – 1138… 3/3

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