After watching the video from the “Tonight Show” (,

After watching the video from the “Tonight Show” (, think about your own experiences of listening to music. Can you think of any instances where the lyrics you “heard” turned out to be wrong? If not, perhaps a friend or family member had such an experience? No one should feel bad about this: it is a VERY common experience, and most of the time the phonological signal is thoroughly ambiguous. Indeed, sometimes it is hard to BELIEVE the correct words because the sound is so far from what we expect the phonology to be! Again, this is perhaps most common during childhood, when we all lack an adult understanding of many lyrics, and so interpret the phonological input in childish morphological terms.
When you’ve come up with an example from your own experience:
Share the example (what you “heard” and what the correct lyrics “are”)
Provide a short analysis (one paragraph) of how you think the error occurred, using this week’s assigned reading as a key reference.
What is most important here is that you are able to provide an account of your experience in terms of phonological processing, as discussed in this week’s assigned reading. Focus on the vocabulary we’ve studied: top-down and bottom-up processing, phonemes, morphemes, etc.

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