ability to analyse

recommendations and conclusions. Therefore, your report should contain a critical research review for how the business can address the issue you selected.
This assessment will develop your ability to analyse a given topic, and to persuade and influence others using ruiderce-rs arguments. You should demonstrate your awareness of societal issues and behaviours and their impacts on business in a global context. g List
orations Your report should consist of the following parts: • Title page ! Drive • Table of contents orate Ultra • Introduction (approximately 200 words) • Findings and observations (elicited from critical literature review) – (approximately 800 words) it Surveys • Discussion of proposed solutions (approximately 800 words) • Conclusion (approximately 200 words) • References 365 • Appendices – Report plan help 24/7 – For guidance on report writing refer to the RMIT Learning Lab: h_ttPsSeM__edia.rmit,e_d_uau/learning[abitags/repgftsD sity
• some business reports contain executive summary and recommendations. but for the purpose of this assignment. ioft OneDrive these are not necessary. soft Teams ego
Research and referencing You are required to support your analysis with credible and relevant academic resources. As a guide, we suggestion a minimum of five (5) references. i.e. that you have sourced for yourself through literature and database searches, e.g. peer-reviewed journal articles, papers. You can also reference published industry reports and publications. and other similar official materials.

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